Wedding: Secret Message Ideas for your Sister & Sister-in-Law

Adore your sister (or sister-in-law) but stuck on how to turn all your love and appreciation into just a few words for your customized bag?
Here's our list of ideas to help get you started:


Sisters by chance, friends by choice

So lucky to have you as my sister

So thankful for a sister like you

Distance wherever, Sisters forever

No better friend than a sister

Always my sister, forever my friend

Sisters make the best friends

Sisters are joined heart to heart

A loyal sister is worth a thousand friends

Big sister, biggest role model

Sisters are different flowers from the same garden


Thank you for being the sister I never had

Love you like a sister

Sis•ter-in-law: (n) Sisters by marriage, friends by choice

Now you really are my sister

Thanks for being my un-biological sister

Sister from another mister

Forever my soul sister

You’ll always be my person

Bridesmaid and soon my sister

Today I gain the sister I always wished for


As a creative designer, I am forever on the hunt for words that "speak" to me. If you’re reading this, you’re probably a quote-hunter, too.

But most days I don't have the time to peruse through a big ol' block of text to get to the heart of the message (neither do you, probably). Most days, I just want the meat - give me the meat!

So, I did a little homework, and – ta-da! – I’ve curated this tidy list of fifty short quotes of no more than three words:


1.   start somewhere

2.  be a boss

3.  prove them wrong

4.  rise & grind

5.  do not settle

6.  go for it

7.  keep moving forward

8.  find your fire

9.  let's do this

10.  decide to rise

11.  believe you can

12.  you got this

13.  fail forward

14.  purpose fuels passion

15.  stay focused

16.  conquer from within

17.  aim high

18.  no excuses

19.  do your part

20.  nobody owes you

21.  hustle hard

22.  improve 1% daily

23.  face your fears

24.  do epic shit

25.  smash your goals 


26.  good vibes only

27.  make the time

28.  see the good

29.  rise & shine

30.  love yourself

31.  happiness is key

32.  go live

33.  shine on

34.  follow your heart

35.  time will tell

36.  never complain, explain

37.  choose joy

38.  find your bliss

39.  shake it off

40.  don’t survive, thrive

41.  love deeply

42.  fear no evil

43.  share your smile

44.  enjoy every moment

45.  keep it simple

46.  stay weird

47.  trust your dreams

48.  count your blessings  

49.  be nice first

50.  find your eyes

Artist: Vanesa, LetteringBird

Artist: Vanesa, LetteringBird

Artist: Joyce McCown, Moon Shadow Press

Artist: Joyce McCown, Moon Shadow Press

Artist: Adrienne & Christine, PocketFullofLetters

Artist: Adrienne & Christine, PocketFullofLetters

Which ones are your favorites? Do you have any short quotes to share?


Put a Strap on it!

It's finally here!

Requests for a wrist strap on our personalized bags have been answered; removable strap add-ons are now available in the shop! 

The wrist strap makes it infinitely easier to carry your personalized bag; simply clip the lobster-claw clasp onto the zipper pull and you're ready to go! 

We create each strap to match the textile and metal hardware of its bag. Just add it to cart with your customized bag, and we'll take care of the details.

Handmade-to-order here in NY, of course. 

Nat, Team Sandra Smith


Feature in NY1 Local News

Made in Queens has curated another collective of local businesses with Queens-made products to be featured at the popular Japanese cultural center and eatery, Resobox, in Long Island City, NY - and we have joined in on the fun!

Our personalized bags and freshly designed Tatum Tote are sitting pretty behind NY1 reporter Van Tieu as she details Made in Queens' plans to give exposure to the local artists and makers in the borough.

Hooray for local!

NY1 report:
Visit Resobox: