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Making Beautiful bags since 2012

Sandra Smith™ creates beautiful custom gifts that are meaningful and made to last. Each bag is cut and sewn from start to finish in Queens, New York, by our growing team of local women, most of whom are moms. We aim to inspire, empower, and spread positive vibes with our designs. From personalized makeup bags to motivational décor, every product has been thoughtfully created and make perfect gifts for everyone in your life.

Sandra's Story: 

In 2012, I found happiness in creating bags with my hands. Late nights sewing on my dining table paid off as my self-taught hobby quickly transformed into a business. Inadvertently, it also became the much-needed inspiration that empowered me to escape and rise above my long-term struggle with domestic violence. Sewing helped me to thrive, to connect with supportive friends, to break my silence about the abuse, and to eventually take full control of my life and redefine my future. As a survivor, I know firsthand the power of meaningful connections and uplifting words, and I invest that power into my business. I find genuine joy in creating gifts that reflect love and positivity. I am working on paying it forward by connecting my business with domestic violence and child empowerment nonprofits. Investing in worthy causes that provide crucial monetary and emotional support to those in need will give an even deeper meaning to buying a custom, handcrafted bag. I believe each bag has the ability to radiate beyond being beautiful and heartfelt – it can help a change a life. ∞

meet our team


Monica is a sweet, creative spirit with steady hands, and expertly sews each bag with ease. She is also a mom to two wonderful daughters.


Bag Prep, Assistant
Natalie’s culinary expertise comes in handy when cutting and prepping bags for stitching. She also helps with packaging and organization. A super-involved mom of two active kids, Nat has mastered the art of productivity.


Bag Prep, Shipper
Lillian’s natural gift for precision and creativity is apparent when she is prepping bags, and packaging products for shipment. She is also a loving, supportive mother to her three grown children.